Welcome to Habiba Community!

Who We Are

​Habiba Community, which includes our beach lodge, communal organic farm and our learning center is dedicated to building a strong, healthy future for the entire South Sinai Community.
Come enjoy the peaceful bliss of our beautiful beach lodge on the shores of Nuweiba, Sinai, Egypt. Enjoy fine dining prepared by our talented kitchen staff, and learn about our remarkable projects to green the desert of Sinai - one plot of land at a time. ​​
Read about our revolutionary Palm Date Foundation and our efforts to create sustainable, environmentally friendly income for the local community. Also learn about our efforts to engage partners, universities, and organizations from around the world to build a model sustainable community in the desert.
Find out more about our after-school education program for local children by clicking here.
Learn more about us by downloading our booklet
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Find us on the map and join us. We will be very happy to have you here.
Habiba Community, Nuweibaa, Qesm Dahab,
South Sinai Governorate, Egypt


Our Vision

Habiba Community is about synergizing differences, providing food security, and education
Our Goals
Sustainable Food Security
Local access to safe & secure
nourishment, improving nutrition,
decrease food waste & carbon footprint
Sinai Palm Date Foundation
Plant a palm for tomorrow, providing income for the Learning Center
Agriculture, Education, & Tourism
Promoting sustainable agriculture, spreading self-sufficiency awareness, preparing a new generation for
upcoming challenges 
Expanding Agriculture Opportunities for Local Families
Stability, less reliance on tourism
& non-secure income
Encouraging young people to engage while exploring a new culture, spreading the philosophy and being the change
Scientific Research Hub
Leading scientific research regionally, supporting accessible facilities for professionals, students & enthusiasts

Support Habiba Community

There are many ways that you can support us, including:​
Telling your friends and family about Habiba
Sponsoring the planting of a palm or moringa tree for the community. Message us now ​
Publicizing the work of the Habiba Community in your country​
Check our purpose-driven volunteer programs on Volunteer World
Volunteer at Habiba Organic Farm through WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

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