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Artists, Makers, and Entrepreneurs Exchange in Sinai

Sometimes you need a lull in your life. You need to get away from the collective mindlessness of day-to-day and experience life as it should be. As it deserves to be. Simple, close to nature, and with an open and sincere dialog with the people around you.  You need to find those creative forces within you, and let them loose. Learn something, teach something, eat healthily, dance, laugh, and enjoy.
This is what AMEE (Artists' Makers' and Entrepreneurs Exchange) is all about. We are a community of DOers, in all aspects of DOING. We cherish the freedom, we adore the inspiration, and we value highly our interaction with others. We are hungry for experiences and happy to devote our minds and energies to achieve them.
We want to create the first (ever!) full AMEE event. Anoint a place in the world where for a certain period the TIME IS TAMED, the AMEE mindset prevails, and interesting & intelligent people from all over the world come and participate.
This is AMEE month in Habiba. Yes, ya Burning Man refugees, this may be the answer to your prayers.

AMEE mindset

The AMEE experience will be shaped by the passions and capabilities of the participants.
The following guidelines help clarify and preserve the original intentions.
1.    We are not guests or users. We are all participants in this undertaking. It is up to each one of us to make it inspiring, rich, and worthwhile.
2.    Simplicity – Clean & comfortable is important. No need for luxury.
3.    We are in nature. Let nature play its proper role in our lives and doings.
4.    Contribution – We contribute to each other, and aim to leave a positive mark behind.
5.    Work is a solid part of the experience. Everyone should contribute 1-2 hours a day to help run the operation (and save costs!) Hosting an activity counts as work.
6.    Healthy fresh food, essentially vegetarian. Shared brunches and dinners.
7.    Aim for real interaction with the local people and culture.
8.    Time - keep on the generous side of time. No more hurrying.
9.    Sustainability – we take the planet into account in everything we do.
10. Absolute personal freedom for each to chart their individual course.

The Activities

There is so much know-how and talent in the group. Ali gets up before sunrise, one morning, you can join him on a “sunrise hike & coffee at the bakery." At 8 am there’s advanced yoga with a video, and at 9 am gentle stretching with Zena...
Some workshops need a commitment of 3-5 days. If you want to learn a new skill, like juggling or sewing with a machine, or if you join the totem-building group, or you decide to carve a sculpture in wood.
You can sign in to groups before arrival, and plan your own schedule. Obviously many great ideas will come up later, but planning ahead is important so that we can have the materials ready. 
Ideas for activities will come from the group. Some people search for spiritual space, let there be meditation, chanting by the bonfire, and shamanic circles. The children need to be activated, let some parents (and grandparents) come with a plan, something to do for each day. Activities are for example singing group, drumming circle, cooking workshops, raft building, competitions, movie&lecture nights, free dance, woodwork, basket making, photography, writing workshop, excursions, volleyball, botcha, and cultural exchange with the local Beduin community.


Starting on Friday, March 26, 2021, until Sunday, April 25.
Take your spring vacation and some online work, so you can stretch it.

Sleep well!


Brunch and dinner are included, almost all ingredients come from the organic farm, so it's fresh, varied, and healthy. There is an open kitchen for anyone to make their coffee or tea, and a fridge to store personal fruits, beer, etc. There are stores within walking distance for needed extras, though the choice is quite limited.


Sleep well!

April is quite warm already, and many people would prefer air-conditioned rooms. There are 12 AC rooms available here, with 5 more at the beach next door.


On top of this, there is a variety of simpler rooms, sheds, spaces for camping, and more accommodations in camps close by.

Getting There

There are flights to Sharm El Sheikh from Istambul, for example. You can have a taxi waiting in Sharm and it's a 1.5-hour drive to Habiba in Nuweiba, costs about $60. From Taba, the Israeli border, it's one hour ride, costs about $30. There are day and night busses from Cairo, which take about 8 hours.


We estimate that the full costs, per person, in an air-conditioned room,  will be $35 per day. This includes also the activities and food. Kids will be about $15 per child. Staying in simpler rooms, or camping will cost less. We will come up with the final numbers once we have a better idea of the number of people participating, and their preferences.

Stay in the know..

PLEASE TRY and tell us your intentions, approx. dates, number of people and your preferred accommodation, as soon as possible.


We would like to have a fairly clear idea of who and when by the end of February. 

We would love to hear from you, please use the form below to reach AMEE folks!



Yes, AMEE sounds a lot like me!

Thank you! We will be in touch soon!