Green Box

Habiba Organic Farm makes its organic vegetables available to households through its Green Boxes. A Green Box can be ordered on a weekly basis and people receive a full box of vegetables based on the available harvest.
Box sizes are divided according to the family size:
  • Single 
  • Couple
  • Family
Based on the available harvest, different recipes are available to help everyone make the best out of their Green Box.
Green Boxes are currently delivered to Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.
Green Boxes Content:
  • Vegetables from Habiba Organic Farm
  • Products from Habiba Organic Farm (like Olive Oil, Dates, Madjool Dates, and more)
  • Balady  Chicken from Habiba Community Farmers
  • Balady Eggs from Habiba Community Farmers
To order a Green Box, join the Facebook group and send a direct message to the admins of Habiba Community Farmers.
Learn more about Habiba Green Box through this video by Heinz-Werner Keuenhof from Germany, who supervises the initiative.

FAQs about our Green Box

What does the Green Box contain?

Every week, your Green Box contains a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables, salads, and herbs. Later in the season, fruits are also available. The content changes weekly, depending on the season and offer of community farmers. Since we only use regional products, you will not find any stock items or products that can’t be grown in the Nuweiba region. Organic agriculture is even more susceptible to weather variations and sometimes pest problems, as no chemical pesticides are used. Therefore, sometimes a very short-term rescheduling of the contents may be necessary. So, if you decide for a Green Box, you should fulfil the following requirements:

- Enjoying surprises and trying new things

- Be prepared to look for recipes for vegetables you have never cooked before
(group members from many countries are happy to help with suggestions/experience).

Of course, we are happy to take into account, if you basically can't stand or don't like one or a few products. For people who have little variance in their eating habits, the green box philosophy is not appropriate.

How much content does my Green Box have?

The boxes do not have the same weight every week. The weight varies with the available products. Many leafy vegetables (spinach, salads) usually have a lower weight than many fruity vegetables such as kohlrabi, zucchini, or cauliflower.
Basically, the box content is calculated on an average weight:

  • Family: about 3.8 - 4.4 kg
  • Couple: about 2.8 - 3.2 kg
  • Single: about 1.8 - 2.1 kg

Where do my vegetables come from?

Habiba Community Farmers is a collaboration of organic farmers from the Nuweiba region under the leadership of Habiba Organic Farm. Some products that can’t be grown directly in the Nuweiba area (for example, some fruits) are supplied by partners from the Saint Catherine region. With the purchase of a Green Box, you not only secure healthy fresh organic vegetables, but also support numerous farmer families and a sustainable project.

Why is the Green Box container made of plastic?

We thought a lot about how best to deliver our organic vegetables. Baskets made of natural materials or wooden crates would be nice, but they do not fulfil important conditions: they are difficult or impossible to clean properly and can’t be stacked well for transport. That's why we chose plastic boxes that weigh little, are easy to clean and can be used many times.
In addition, we use as little packaging material as possible. Please help us by returning all plastic packaging (such as bowls for cherry tomatoes), jars, bottles and egg packaging after emptying with the empty box.

How does it work with the deposit for the box?

At the first delivery, we collect a deposit of currently 75 EGP. When returned, no new deposit is due for the box at the new delivery.

Please understand that the operators of the pick-up points do not like repacking the box contents on site. Sand attached to the vegetables or loose leaves can cause soiling.

Please contact us by email if you do not want to have a green box anymore. When returning the last box, the delivery driver or the operator of the pick-up points will refund your deposit.

If you want to temporarily suspend your delivery - e.g. because of holiday - you can of course keep your box until the next delivery.

How can I communicate with Habiba Community Farmers?

The order of a Green Box must - if available - always be via the corresponding order forms. This is the only way to ensure that we have all the information we need to ensure a smooth delivery and to consult on any questions. All other communication should be done exclusively via the two email addresses:

  • Dahab / Nuweiba: habibagreenbox@gmail.com
  • Sharm El Sheikh: habibagreenboxforsharm@gmail.com

This applies to changes to your order, suspension of delivery and extra orders, as well as questions or possible complaints.

We ask for your understanding that when communicating via other media (private messages, WhatsApp, other email addresses) we can’t guarantee that your wishes or requests will be processed correctly.

How can I order special offers?

In addition to the Green Box, we offer ongoing and changing extras such as olive oil, honey, dried herbs or poultry, meat, and eggs. The offers can be found on our Facebook page "Habiba Community Farmers". Please order these extras via email:

  • Dahab / Nuweiba: habibagreenbox@gmail.com
  • Sharm El Sheikh: habibagreenboxforsharm@gmail.com

Of course you can also order in progress, e.g. give up for eggs, which then no longer have to be ordered every week.

Why are no extras delivered without Green Box?

The core business for the Habiba Community Farmers is the sale of organic vegetables. The calculation includes the costs for packaging and delivery. For products such as poultry, meat, eggs, and bread, we charge only a very small surcharge for handling - the lion's share goes directly to the producer. Therefore, exclusive delivery of these products is not economical for us. Exceptions are possible if you are willing to pay an additional delivery fee. Please contact us by email for any requests:

  • Dahab / Nuweiba: habibagreenbox@gmail.com
  • Sharm El Sheikh: habibagreenboxforsharm@gmail.com

When and how do I receive my delivery?

Currently we have the following delivery options:

  • Dahab Home Delivery (Sundays between 11:00 - 12:00 a.m.)

  • Nuweiba Home Delivery (Mondays) and pick-up at Habiba Lodge (Sundays or Mondays)

  • Sharm El Sheikh pick-up at various pick-up points (Mondays from around 11:30 am).

  • We also try to organize a home delivery for Sharm El Sheikh with appropriate order quantities.

We try to deliver on time, but are dependent on a variety of circumstances beyond our sphere of influence (such as the situation at the various check points). Therefore, on the delivery day on the Habiba Community Farmers Facebook page, we will post the arrival times in the delivery locations. If your delivery goes to a pick-up point, you should pick up your box and any extras as soon as possible so that the goods do not suffer and can be optimally stored as quickly as possible (see: What can I do to keep my goods as fresh as possible?)

What can I do to keep my goods as fresh as possible?

We do our utmost to keep the time between harvest and delivery as short as possible. Most vegetables - especially leafy vegetables and salads - are harvested on the day of delivery. Hardworking employees start from 5:00 a.m. to harvest.

Salads, poultry, meat and eggs are transported separately in refrigerated containers. From delivery, it is up to you how fresh and high quality your goods remain. Note the following:

  • If your delivery is made to a pick-up point, pick it up as soon as possible.

  • Empty the green box as quickly as possible and store the contents cool.

  • Leafy vegetables hold best if they are wrapped in a (not too) damp cloth and stored in the refrigerator.

  • Salads keep optimally in a good plastic box (Tupperware, Lock-Lock, etc.).

  • Tomatoes should not be stored with other vegetables as they accelerate their ripening.

  • Cherry tomatoes should not be stored in the plastic containers used for delivery.

  • Tomatoes should not be stored in the fridge during the winter months.

  • Fresh herbs keep well when stored in a glass with water.