Green Box

Habiba Organic Farm makes its organic vegetables available to households through its Green Boxes. A Green Box can be ordered on a weekly basis and people receive a full box of vegetables based on the available harvest.
Box sizes are divided according to the family size:
  • Single 
  • Couple
  • Family
Based on the available harvest, different recipes are available to help everyone make the best out of their Green Box.
Green Boxes are currently delivered to Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh.
Green Boxes Content:
  • Vegetables from Habiba Organic Farm
  • Products from Habiba Organic Farm (like Olive Oil, Dates, Madjool Dates, and more)
  • Balady  Chicken from Habiba Community Farmers
  • Balady Eggs from Habiba Community Farmers
To order a Green Box, join the Facebook group and send a direct message to the admins of Habiba Community Farmers.
Learn more about Habiba Green Box through this video by Heinz-Werner Keuenhof from Germany, who supervises the initiative.

FAQs about our Green Box