Habiba Organic Farm

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Our Passion

Founded in 2007, Habiba Organic Farm acts as a community-based farm to benefit the people of South Sinai. Our farm serves as a beacon to what can be accomplished through sound organic farming practices in the desert. Local people have seen the result, and today agriculture is beginning to flourish across the region.
Through university and NGO partnerships, we are expanding the role of HOF in the region and are beginning to serve as a training hub for integrated sustainable development that serves as a model for Egypt's South Sinai and beyond.
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Our Awards

Best Creative Residency Award 2018


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Join Us on the Farm

​Despite the desert-like nature of the location. There is so much to learn and harvest as a volunTourist, learning Bedouin lifestyles, new desert agriculture techniques, giving back to the community and exchanging cultural experiences. Check the below information...
For Volunteers
Habiba Organic Farm is listed among: WWOOF Independents in the world of sustainable volunteer tourism, the first one in Egypt. Many tourists and travelers have passed by to stay for a minimum of three months to give their best on the field of organic, desert agriculture. HOF is a registered farm and a member of the Center of Organic Agriculture (COAE) in Egypt.
For Experts
We are happy to welcome you to share your knowledge and your experiences with the community, giving speeches and workshops and help growing this place.
For Students
In cooperation with the Desert Research Center for Egypt we can enable individual students and researcher a friendly environment for research and study for projects with flora and fauna in the desert.
The idea of Habiba is to be a field for experiment and pioneer projects. We stay in contact with many international doctors and professors for agriculture who can help you to start your project in our community for research and experiment, exchange and development.
For more information and questions please contact us!
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